Join a Team

So, you want to change the world. Chances are you can’t do it alone. Nor would you want to. Instead, try joining a team. You’ll make new friends, feel part of the group, and have some fun. You’ll learn how to share with others, handle it when you don’t get your way, and be there for others when they need it. Most important, you will learn to get along with people you might not normally hang out with.

There are many sports teams you could try out. There are also dance teams, newspapers, choirs, volunteer organizations, and many other groups.

Stand Up for Justice

Have you ever gotten into trouble for something you didn’t do? Then you’ve experienced injustice, or something that isn’t fair. Injustice happens every day, in small ways and in big ways.

It takes real courage to speak up when you see injustice. If you see someone being picked on, for example, find a safe way to say or do something. That might mean speaking to a teacher, coach, parent, or school counselor. Or it might mean saying to whoever’s being mistreated, “I’m sorry that happened. You didn’t deserve it. I support you.”

stop bullying

“Be the change that you
wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi,
social activist

Ask Questions

Think of yourself as an investigator. You want to figure out how stuff works and why things are the way they are. Be on the lookout for new leads, explanations, and information.

Let yourself wonder and ask all the questions you have until you find the answers you’re looking for.

Walk the Talk

This is simple. Avoid saying one thing and doing another. For example, have you ever been kind to someone’s face? But then you talk about them behind their back. If you say something, make sure your actions back it up.