Searching for Solutions

Scientists. Divers. Even chefs. All are working on the lionfish problem. One scientist invented a trap. It springs open on the ocean floor. Lionfish swim inside. A fisherman tugs on the trap. It closes, shutting in any lionfish.

Divers hunt lionfish. They hold competitions. They are called lionfish “derbies.” The goal is to capture as many lionfish as possible. Many lionfish have been caught in this way.

This trap snaps shut to catch lionfish.

A diver spears many lionfish during a lionfish "derby."

Cooks make lionfish recipes.

A Fishy Fare

Still others think: “If we can't beat them, eat them.” Lionfish are safe to eat. So, chefs have made new recipes using lionfish.

Scientists agree that the lionfish problem is serious. We can’t do away with all lionfish. Trapping them helps. Eating them also helps. There may be other solutions.

We must continue to look for answers. The health of our oceans depends on it.