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Caribou do not live in the ocean. I know that! I’m a marine biologist. I study ocean animals. Caribou are land animals. Yet, where I live, animals from the sea, the sky, and the land can be seen in the same place.

I live on an island called Newfoundland. It’s in Canada. I was visiting a lighthouse one day and nearly walked into a herd of caribou. This was big news! Caribou are hard to see in the wild. They stay away from people.

I got out my camera and took as many photos as I could. I love to see how all animals live on and around the island.

The Sea

I know sea animals best. Sea anemones live on the seafloor here. They have squishy bodies. They glue themselves to rocks to stay in place. Their long tentacles sting and grab passing prey.

The waters around ​​​​​​​Newfoundland are full of anemones and other life.


Tiny fish called capelin swim by. Capelins arrive by the millions. They “jump” onto rocky beaches to lay their eggs. They stay away from the anemones. Yet, they can’t stay away from the humpback whales.

The whales travel to Newfoundland in the summer. They are looking to eat capelins. When the whales come close to the shore, you can spot their fins. Sometimes, you can catch sight of a whale tail before it dives.

A humpback whale dives into the ocean.

Atlantic cod