Once the peat is cut and dried, it can be burned as fuel.

Power Source

People have used peat for fuel for a long time. Families cut blocks of peat. They lay the bricks on the ground to dry. Then, they bring them home. They burn the bricks for warmth during winter.

Power plants in Ireland also use peat. The power plants make electricity for people. But, burning so much peat is not good for Earth. It releases carbon dioxide into the air.

A man stacks bricks of peat to dry.

Some Irish homes are warmed by peat fires.

A Future for Bogs

Lawmakers in Ireland were worried. They made a climate action plan. It puts a limit on carbon dioxide gas release. This means burning less peat.

A local landowner helps me to identify bog plants.

Change can be hard. Many people like peat fires. Peat is also cheap. Other types of fuel can be more expensive. But, it is clear that people in Ireland will need to change the way they use their bogs. By keeping the bogs intact, carbon can be stored. That is good for Ireland, and it is good for Earth.