What You Need to Know

Wetlands are like giant sponges.

During heavy rains, they collect and hold water. They stop flooding from happening.

Wetlands clean and filter water.

If chemicals from fertilizers wash into wetlands, the plants soak them up. Other things that pollute the water sink to the bottom. They get buried.

Wetlands are homes for plants and animals.

Many kinds of plants and animals live in wetlands.

Wetlands are important to people.

Many people live near wetlands. They use them to grow crops, like rice. They also use wetlands for fishing, boating, and having fun.

wetlands face many threats


People change wetlands. They drain them to build houses and roads.


Plants and animals from other areas that are not wetlands can cause problems. They can crowd out wetland plants and animals.


Wetlands are often made into land for farming.

Climate Change

Climate change raises sea levels. Wetlands flood.