A lake forms at the end of this valley glacier.

An iceberg breaks off from this tide water glacier.

Piedmont glaciers spill out onto flat areas.

Global Glaciers 

There are so many glaciers to study! There are hundreds of thousands of glaciers worldwide. Here are some of my favorite types.

Great Glaciers 

Valley glaciers flow down valleys. Tidewater glaciers flow into the ocean. Piedmont glaciers flow from steep mountains onto flat areas.

To me, glaciers are powerful. They build and shape landscapes. They affect the weather. They provide water. They connect people to their landscape.

Now, due to climate change, glaciers are melting. This will affect Earth. Whenever I explore glaciers, there’s one thing I never forget. Ice affects people just as much as we affect ice.

Muir Glacier, Alaska: August ​​​​​​​13, 1941 and August 31, 2004

This ice cave formed inside a glacier.

Life at the Extremes

By exploring our planet’s most extreme places, National Geographic is discovering new information about Earth’s climate.