Accidental Reefs

Some artificial reefs are not planned. They are made from objects that don’t belong in the ocean. These might be planes that crash or ships that sink. They become reefs by accident.


Red Sea

The wreck of the Giannis D lies on its side.

There’s a place in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt. Passing near it by ship can be dangerous. It is easy to strike the reef. Many ships have run into trouble here. There are four large shipwrecks on the seabed.

The Giannis D is one of the ships. It was carrying timber. It struck the reef, and the ship was damaged. The crew escaped. A storm later tore the ship into large pieces and sent them to the bottom. That was a long time ago. Now, it is covered in corals. It is home to many animals. Turtles, fish, and eels live there. Now, the ship is part of the sea.

A scuba diver looks at another shipwreck.

A Future Hope?

Nothing can replace a natural coral reef. Yet, artificial reefs can make up for some of the loss. In time, plants and animals can thrive in these reefs.

A turtle feeds on corals attached to the wreck of the Giannis D.

This artificial reef is full of life.