This was the highlight of all my trips for me—going where no human had ever been before and truly exploring our planet. My 1,300 kilometer journey on skis, dragging a heavy sled to the frozen ends of the Earth to chase my Polar Hat Trick dream, is finally complete!

The Polar Hat Trick

In several sports, a “hat trick” refers to three individual achievements in a single game. For example, a player might score three goals in one soccer game. Jade’s Polar Hat Trick called for three challenging expeditions. Together, they covered about 1,300 kilometers.


North Pole, 150 km... Success! 

Completed April 4, 2016 (Age 14)


Greenland Crossing, 550 km... Success! 

Completed June 4, 2017 (Age15)


South Pole, 600 km... Success! 

Completed January 10, 2018 (Age 16)