Making a move

Millions of animals migrate.
But how do they know where, when, and how to go?

For each animal, choose one or more items that help that animal migrate.

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Caribbean spiny lobsters move from shallow water to deeper water. What triggers them to migrate?

Red-sided garter snakes migrate from winter dens to summer dens. How do they know where to go?

Dall sheep move up and down a mountain for food. What triggers them to migrate?

Red crabs migrate from a forest to the ocean to lay eggs. How do they know when to move?

Adelie penguins migrate north on growing ice to find food. How do they know which direction to go?

Whooping cranes fly to warmer places in winter. How do they know where to migrate?

Changes in seasons or temperature

Information passed down from parent to offspring

Earth’s magnetic field

Sense of smell

 The sun

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