Apply the Science

Which Wedge?

There are all kinds of wedges, but not
every wedge is useful for a specific job.

For instance, an axe was better than
a saw for cutting wood, even though
the teeth of a saw are wedges.

These mice need to divide
a big block of cheese.

Which wedge would
be best to use?
can try this, too!

What you'll need:

variety of tools

cutting board

block of cheese

safety goggles 
(The mice have them!)


The goal is to split the cheese into slices.


The mice try splitting the cheese with a kitchen whisk. Hmmmm… That didn’t work so well.


The mice know that the tines on a fork are wedges, so they try a fork next. Stabbing the cheese with a fork breaks the cheese. It doesn't slice it.


A kitchen knife seems to be the answer!


Now all the mice have a slice of cheese. Which wedge worked best for you?