Andree Morneault


Callander, Ontario, Canada

My job is to make sure that forests regrow after trees are harvested. During the winter, I plan what we will plant in the summer. We plant many trees. Then I watch them grow. It takes about 80 years before many trees are big enough to harvest. I will never get to see the trees become the forests of tomorrow. But I know they’re getting a good start.

Andree Morneault shows some newly planted trees.

Kim Kennedy

GIS Resource Specialist

Lansing, Michigan

I love maps! I use computers to create maps of forests. The maps show trails and areas with trees. This information helps people know what’s in a forest and how they can enjoy it.

Kendall Conroy

Wood Building Design Consultant

Portland, Oregon

I help people build with wood. Wood is renewable, because trees grow again. It is better to use wood than some other materials. Using steel and concrete is harder on the environment. Using wood can be good for our planet.