Cady Lancaster

Wood Scientist

Ashland, Oregon

Cutting down trees without permission is a crime. Trees are cut down and used for many purposes. Each kind of tree is different.

My job is to study the wood in trees. I build a database of the different trees. That helps us find trees that have been stolen from forests.

Darren J. H. Sleep

Wildlife Biologist 

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

My dad gave me advice when I was young. He told me to find a job I love so much I’d do it for free. That’s pretty good advice. I’m glad I followed it. I’ve always loved animals and being outdoors.

My job is to teach people about nature. Working as a wildlife biologist allows me to make a difference in the world.

Ashley Coble tests water in a stream.

Ashley Coble


Corvallis, Oregon

A hydrologist studies water. I help protect the water in forests. I learn how water moves through a forest. It can move through soil and into streams. I study what is in the water. I want to make sure the water is clean and healthy. That’s good for wildlife and good for people, too.