A forest is more than just its trees. It is an ecosystem. It has wildlife, clean air, and clean water. Natural forces and human activity can sometimes disturb our forests. Keeping our forests healthy is a big job. Each of these people has a job in forestry. They help conserve our forests.

Ken Price

Forest Technician

Vancouver Island,
British Columbia, Canada

A forest is a renewable resource. That means what grows there can grow again. My main job is to build partnerships between groups of people to take care of forestland.

Coeli Hoover

Carbon Modeler

Durham, New Hampshire

Trees and plants take in a gas called carbon dioxide. They release another gas called oxygen. They store carbon. I measure how much carbon is stored in the plants in a forest.

Magen Dufurrena is on her way to fight a fire.

Magen Dufurrena

Wildland Firefighter

La Grande, Oregon

My job is to fight fires. I need to work quickly. So, I often slide down a rope out of a helicopter to reach a fire. I work with a team. We make a plan to fight the fire together. We keep each other safe and protect the forest.