Have you ever seen a pink lake? Or heard about a lake that disappears? A lake is a landform. It's a body of water surrounded by land. But not all lakes are the same. Take a look at some of Earth's stranger examples.

Seeing Spots

Take a peek at Spotted Lake. It’s in Canada. It looks like it has polka dots!

This lake fills a low spot in one of Canada’s deserts. The lake is a dead end. Water rich in minerals flows in, but very little flows out. The water dries up. In summer, the minerals stay behind in shallow pools. They create a rainbow of colors. Some people believe that the lake has healing powers.

Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Lake Natron, Tanzania, Africa


Extreme Lakes

No swimming in Lake Natron! It’s in Africa. The water is hotter than bathwater. It’s red from bacteria. It’s very salty. The salt can burn your skin. But the water doesn’t bother flamingos. They build their nests there.

Lake Baikal is extreme, too. It’s in Russia. It’s big and cold. It’s Earth’s oldest and deepest lake. Lots of animals live in this freshwater lake. They don’t mind the cold waterespecially seals called nerpas.

Lake Baikal, Russia