“Jellyfish Central,” Palau


Jellies and Boiling Lakes

Gliding globes of golden jellies. Gobs of them! That’s what you’ll find in a lake on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Most people call it "Jellyfish Central." The jellies here have lost their sting. So, it’s safe to swim with them.

Boiling Lake is not fun to swim in. It’s on the island of Dominica. It boils, just like a pot of soup on a stove. The island is built from a volcano. Melted rock under the ground heats the lake water and makes it boil.

a view from above of Boiling Lake

Boiling Lake, Dominica

a meltwater lake in Greenland

These meltwater lakes formed on an iceberg in Greenland.

Down the Drain

It’s summer on Greenland’s ice sheet. Lakes of melted water dot the frozen surface. They sparkle like blue jewels. The darker the blue, the deeper the lake. 

Some of the lakes in Greenland can disappear. What happens? As the air warms in summer, the ice melts and cracks. Water leaks through the cracks. It’s just like bathwater going down a drain!