Deep ice pits lay under thin layers of snow. Sharp ice ridges rise up like frozen waves. The winds howl.

Jade Hameister knew going to the South Pole would be hard. But she didn’t know it would be this hard. She fought against the cold wind. All she could do was take one step at a time.

Jade hauled her heavy sled into strong winds.

Jade's breath froze on her face mask.

Jade struggled to drag her sled over the ice.

Making a New Path

This trip is part of Jade’s goal. The goal is called the Polar Hat Trick. It has three parts. Part one was to ski to the North Pole. Part two was to ski across Greenland. Now, part three is to ski to the South Pole.

The trip would take about
40 days.
Everything Jade and her team needed had to be carried. Food, clothing, and tents were loaded onto sleds. Each sled was heavy.

The team wanted to take a new route to the South Pole. They mapped a route no one had tried before. They would ski up steep mountains. It would be hard.

The team had to carry everything they needed