Finney’s bat

What’s Old Is New Again

In Wyoming, Bonnie Finney found a large slab of rock. She split it open. Inside was a fossil of a bat. She knew it was different. It was very large. It had a claw on each finger. More than 10 years later, scientists agreed. This species was new to science. They named the bat after Finney.

Flip Flop

A scientist in Morocco saw an interesting spider. He wanted to pick it up. But the spider cartwheeled away from him! The scientist had never seen a spider move in this way. Neither had anyone else. It was a new species, now called the Moroccan flic‑flac spider.

Moroccan flic‑flac spider

Boy, Oh Boy!

No one knew the name of the Bonaire banded box jelly. The swimmers who saw it gave it a nickname. They called it the Ohboya jellyfish. That’s for the expression you might use when you first see it. “Oh, boy!”

Anyone can study the world around them and notice things. It’s called citizen science. Keep your eyes open. Maybe you can be the next to discover a new species!

Bonaire banded box jelly