Kane squats on the rain forest floor next to his guide. Sticks rest over a fire that Kane has built. Fish are roasting on top of the fire. The fish will be a tasty lunch.

Kane is deep in the Amazon rain forest. He is in the Matsés (MAT-sess) National Reserve in Peru. The Matsés people live simple lives. They have no electric lights, TV, or cell phones.

It took two days of traveling up the Amazon River to reach this far-off place. Kane and his father wanted to live with the Matsés people for two weeks. They wanted to learn how to survive in the wild.

Jungle do it yourself

Kane learned to make what he needed to live. He found the things he needed in the rain forest. Kane just had to learn how to use them.

His basic tool was a knife called a machete. He used it to chop wood and hack into vines. The Matsés use machetes to make firewood, fishing rods, and more.


Kane uses a machete to cut down a thin tree.

Kane learns how to catch fish.

Next, Kane learned how to catch his lunch. His guides taught him how to make a fishing rod. Kane cut down a thin tree. He peeled off the bark. Then he tied on some fishing line and a hook. Meat scraps were used as bait.

Catching fish wasn’t enough, though. He also learned how to build a fire. Then he could cook the fish.

One guide also showed Kane how to use a bow and arrow. Kane practiced a lot. But when it came time to hunt, the animal got away!

These fish are ready to cook.

Kane practices with a bow and arrow.

Matsés National Reserve








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Matsés National Reserve