Wood frogs can freeze solid.

Biggest Chill

A wood frog hides under frozen leaves in Alaska. Winter is coming. It’s getting cold. The frog’s heartbeat slows. It takes its last breath, then freezes solid. But it’s not dead! These wood frogs have an adaptation to survive.

Most animals die when they get too cold. Ice forms in their bodies. But a wood frog’s body has a high level of sugar in its blood. That protects the frog from freezing all the way. Instead, the frog goes to sleep. When the weather warms up, so does the frog. Soon, it’s as good as new!

A Weird Defense

The Texas horned lizard looks like a spiky rock. A coyote spots the lizard. As the coyote comes near, the lizard hisses.

The coyote pounces on the lizard. The lizard uses an adaptation. As the coyote comes in to bite it, the lizard squeezes blood from its eyes. It squirts the blood into the coyote’s mouth. Yuck! The coyote runs away. The lizard is one more example of an animal beingextremeto survive.

Texas horned lizards can squirt blood from their eyes.