Super Sticky Situation

Rain pours down in Australia. It soaks the ground. Soon, the mud starts to move. Insects come out to look for food. A crucifix frog digs her way to the surface.

The frog was taking a long nap underground. The hungry insects see her and attack. Luckily, this frog has an adaptation. She can make her skin very sticky. When the insects try to bite her, they get stuck! When she sheds her skin, she’ll eat her skin and the insects, too.

A Komodo dragon’s drool can kill prey.

Deadly Drool

Komodo dragons are fierce hunters. They have sharp, pointed teeth. They also have a strange adaptation. Their spit helps them catch prey.

Rotten meat trapped between their teeth feeds bacteria. The bacteria are deadly to other animals! Komodos also have venom, a poison, in their spit. The Komodo dragon bites prey. It then waits around for the prey to die. Then the dragon eats its dinner!