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Svalbard means "cold coasts" in Icelandic. It is a tiny group of islands between Norway and what place?

the North Pole


Correct. Svalbard is between Norway and the North Pole.


Where was the seed vault built?

on flat land

inside a mountain

Correct. The seed vault was built inside a mountain. The vault is underground, packed in rock and ice. This helps keep seeds safe and cold. 


How many seeds can the seed vault hold?

thousands of seeds

millions of seeds

Correct. The vault can hold millions of seeds, but right now, only one of the three rooms has seeds in it.  


If stored correctly, which type of seed has the longest life?



Correct. If stored correctly, sorghum could still grow 20,000 years from now.


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Banking on Seeds

The Svalbard Seed Vault is a safe for seeds. Answer the questions about how the seeds are stored.

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