Taking Seeds Out

Only those who put seeds in are able to take seeds out. A country can take seeds back to grow them. They can send new seeds to store.

Has anyone needed their seeds? Yes. Just ask the country of Syria.

In 2011, they had a war. First, they stored many seeds. After the war, they planted the seeds. Then they had food.

The vault saved many lives. They put new seeds in the vault. They know it works! Now, other places know it works, too.

For the Future 

The seed bank helps us get ready for the future. Saving seeds is smart! Until we need them, they are safe.


A scientist looks at crops grown from seed bank seeds.

From the Svalbard Vault

Bambara groundnuts

These nuts are dried. They are made into flour. The flour is used for baking.

Pigeon peas

This plant has deep roots. It grows in hard soil. The peas are used to make meals.

Black‑eyed peas

This plant grows in hot places. The peas are also used to make meals.