the investeggator

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Make InvestEGGators. Use a 3D printer to print plastic eggs. Then, stuff them with tracking devices. Do the fake eggs feel right? Sea turtle eggs feel_____.



Correct. Sea turtle eggs have shells that feel rubbery.


Paint the InvestEGGators, so that they look like the real thing. What color will you paint them?

white with a yellow glow

bright white

Correct. The yellow yolk almost shines through an egg’s thin, white shell.


Pack up the InvestEGGators. Then, head to the beach. It’s time to find a nest. When is the best time to go to the beach?



Correct. Female turtles usually come ashore at night. They look for a dark, quiet place to dig a nest.


Find a sea turtle laying eggs. When the turtle is finished, plant an InvestEGGator in the nest. Where will you put the egg?

at the bottom of the nest

in the middle of the nest

Correct. The middle of the nest is low enough to stop predators from getting at it and high enough that poachers won’t leave it behind if they find the nest.


Track the InvestEGGator! Learning more about where sea turtle eggs are traded might help catch poachers.


Try Again

On many Central American beaches, poachers destroy sea turtle nests. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to plant an InvestEGGator tracker in a sea turtle’s nest.

I Accept

mission complete

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