Looking for
a Solution

Kim Williams-Guillén is an ecologist. That’s a person who studies living things and their surroundings.

She knew sea turtle eggs were being stolen. But, where did the poachers go? Who was buying the eggs? How could she track them?

She had an idea for a tool that might help. What if she created a fake turtle egg? She would put a tracker inside. Then she could follow the egg after it was taken from the nest.

Kim Williams-Guillén holds fake turtle eggs with trackers inside.

a time-lapse video of egg printing

A New Idea

A real sea turtle egg is about as big as a Ping-Pong ball. It is squishy. She used plastic and a 3-D printer to make a fake egg. She hid a tracker inside. Would poachers be fooled?

Lauren Wilde looks at one of the fake sea turtle eggs.

Makeup artist Lauren Wilde adds paint and glue. This makes the fake eggs look real.

Each fake egg weighs as much as a real egg. Inside is a tracking device.