inside the flower

The corpse flower grows in the country of Indonesia on the island of Sumatra.

Big Stink

A rare flower is about to bloom. It lives in a rain forest. It has been growing for nine years.

The inside of the flower is red. But it’s the smell that you notice. The corpse flower smells like dirty diapers and garbage.

To some insects, this bad smell is good news. It means a free meal. Insects land on the flower. Then they pollinate the flower as they search for food.

The Venus flytrap’s leaves snap shut to trap insects.

The Need for Speed

A fly sees a red leaf. It lands on it. The leaf feels sticky. It has two parts that fold together. Snap! The leaf snaps shut like a mouth. It’s fast!

The edges of the leaf are like a fence. The fly is trapped. It has been caught by a Venus flytrap. The fly will be eaten!

Most plants get nutrients from the soil and air. But Venus flytraps live in poor soil. They can’t get what they need from the soil. So, they soak up nutrients from bugs.

It can take up to 12 days for the plant to finish its meal.  
Then it’s ready for more!