Safe Places to Live

In many ways, birds are like people. They build homes. They raise families. Some birds even take long winter vacations. They go to warm places.

There’s one thing birds can’t do. Birds cannot change the places where they live. They can’t protect their land. Birds cannot change the planet, but we can.

The Malayan crested serpent eagle has sharp eyes and strong wings.

The bare-faced go-away-bird was given its funny name for its featherless face.

Birds Matter

Birds are important for different reasons. Some we eat, like chickens. Others are helpful because they eat insects and rodents. Many birds help plants. They spread seeds.

I believe birds also matter because they connect us to nature. A few years ago, I was in India. A pair of hornbills flew above me. I could hear their wingbeats. I cried out with joy. I felt happy seeing these amazing birds.

The rainbow bunting’s bright colors attract mates.

Birds matter. We should protect them. We should protect the places they live.