Challenge #3: Amazon Animals

Bullet ant bites feel like fire. Tarantulas grow as big as a man’s hand. Giant anaconda snakes slither through the river.

A bullet ant fell down Kane’s shirt. He batted at it, but it kept biting him. Poor Kane was dizzy for hours. He was also covered in swollen welts.

One day, the guide saw an anaconda. Its track showed it was about 9 meters (nearly 30 feet) long!

But the ruler of the rain forest is the jaguar. These big cats are deadly hunters. One day, Kane’s guide saw the tracks of an adult jaguar. He said they wouldn’t get attacked if they stuck together. Still, it was scary.

End of the Road

After two weeks, Kane’s adventure came to an end. His group left the rain forest. Kane knew he would remember what he learned: Everything necessary to life could be found in the rain forest.

Kane found this small reptile, called a caiman.