Dining with Wedges

Wedges are good for more than splitting wood. They separate all sorts of things. Like food!

Think about what happens when you stick a fork into broccoli. You use effort to apply a downward force as you push the fork into the broccoli. Each tine on the fork directs that force outward. This separates the food and lets the fork go deeper.

Friction between the broccoli and the fork holds the broccoli on the fork. Now cut a piece with another wedgea knife.

The blade of a knife is a narrow wedge. It lets you slice food easily. After you lift the food to your mouth, your own personal wedges take overyour teeth. Each tooth separates the food into pieces small enough to swallow.

How about ice cream for dessert? Use a spoon. The edge is a wedge. It cuts easily through this frozen treat.