Waorani women lead the march to the court.

In Court

Hundreds of Waorani people marched through the streets. They wore traditional clothes made of palm leaves. Their faces and arms were covered with paint used for battle.

As they walked to the courthouse, they linked arms. They sang their traditional songs. They wanted people to see their pride in their culture. Nenquimo said she felt like a warrior.

Inside, the Waorani presented their case. They showed the judges the map they had made. They talked about their rainforest home.

The Waorani wanted to protect their land.

Nenquimo stands with Waorani leaders in the courtroom.

The Ruling

At last, it was time to hear the judge’s decision. One judge spoke for a long time. He said the government had not tried to understand the Waorani or their culture. He understood. The Waorani did not want to sell their land. He announced the court’s decision. The Waorani’s land was to be protected. They won!

The room erupted in song and celebration. Nenquimo felt happy and proud of their victory. And their way of life could continue.

Nenquimo and other leaders celebrate their court victory.