Q: What does microTERRA do?

A: We take fish farm wastewater and give it to our microalgae. This cleans the water so it can be reused. Our company uses a special kind of microalgae. Through photosynthesis, it makes protein. We use this protein to make food for fish.

A man feeds fish at a fish farm.

Q: How do you grow the microalgae?

A: We start in the lab. We know how microalgae grow. We make large amounts of it. Then we add it to wastewater. Wastewater is full of harmful bacteria. So, we use gloves and try not to touch our faces. We also wear masks and gowns. The microalgae clean the water and make the protein. The fish farmers then have clean water and food for their fish.

Q: Do you have any advice for future environmental scientists?

The microalgae clean the polluted water.

A: I would say to start on small projects. Think of different ways to reduce waste or pollutants. Every experiment counts! Tell others about what you are doing. Share ideas and solve problems together!

Flores looks at a tank full of wastewater and algae.

A farm makes wastewater.

Wastewater is treated with microalgae.

Clean water and protein are made.

Protein is made into fish food.

Food is used to feed fish on the farm.

Circular Economy

Micro terra