Building With Plastic Bottles

What could you do with more than half a million plastic bottles? Arthur Huang built a nine-story building with them! He called it the EcoArk. It’s in Taiwan, Asia.

The EcoArk looks like it is made of glass. But look closely. The walls are made from plastic bottles. The bottles were chopped up and melted down. Then they were made into Polli-Bricks.

The bricks lock together to make panels.

These bricks are strong. They have grooves. They lock together to make panels. A coating protects them against fire and weather.

The panels are strong. Huang shows this by jumping up and down on them.

Huang made his bricks to be eco-friendly. That means they don’t harm the environment. The bricks are filled with air. Hot, summer air can't get in. This keeps the building cool.

Huang's Polli-Bricks are made out of plastic bottles.

Most buildings need oil, coal, or natural gas to keep them cool. This adds carbon dioxide gas to the air. Too much of this gas makes the air warmer. This is called the greenhouse effect. Huang didn’t want to add to that problem.