Life in Water

Not every scientist agreed with Ibrahim. So, he decided to do an experiment. He wanted to test how the dinosaur's tail might have worked in water. His method was to run special tests using his computer model.

The tests showed that the dinosaur's tail probably moved back and forth. The tests showed that its tail must have been very strong. A strong tail that moved back and forth would have been perfect for swimming!

Scientists made a life-size model of the dinosaur.

Scientists learned the dinosaur's tail was wide and thick.

Scientists once thought the dinosaur's tail was pointed.

In this animation, a Spinosaurus uses its paddle-like tail to move through water.

More Questions

Ibrahim's work is not done. He still has questions. And there are more bones to find. Recently, he found one from the dinosaur's foot. Now the team can make a better model of a foot. Was the foot webbed? That would be good for a dinosaur that lived in the water!

One thing is clear. Ibrahim wants to know. So, he will keep asking questions.

The dinosaur had jaws like a crocodile. It had sharp teeth to grab slippery fish.

Drag the slider to turn this 3D model of Spinosaurus.

A View Around Spinosaurus