This fossil became an important clue to Ibrahim’s work.

Nizar Ibrahim was in a small town. The town is in Morocco. Ibrahim is a scientist who studies fossils. The ancient bones he studies come from dinosaurs.



boxes of fossils found in Morocco

One day, he met a man who had found some fossils. The man had a mustache. He sold his fossils to Ibrahim. One fossil looked interesting. It was long and flat.

These bones came from the mysterious dinosaur.

Picturing the Past

Ibrahim uses science to study the past. He looks at old dinosaur bones. He observes their shape. He asks questions to form a hypothesis. That is an explanation of how these ancient animals lived.

Searching for dinosaur bones is hard work.

Ibrahim and team members study part of the tail of Spinosaurus.

Some other scientists found bones, too. They thought Ibrahim should see them. He did. He thought they might come from the same dinosaur he was studying. He needed to look for more bones to be sure.