Ibrahim was led into the desert to find Spinosaurus.

On the Trail

Ibrahim went back to the small town. He looked and looked for the man with the mustache. At last, he found him! The man agreed to help. He took Ibrahim to the place in the desert where he found the long, flat bone. Together, the men found more bones from the mysterious dinosaur.

Ibrahim is careful as he digs for fossils.

Ibrahim worked with a team to uncover Spinosaurus bones.


Ibrahim studied all the bones he had found. He put them together. Some pieces were missing. He needed to create the whole dinosaur. So, he used a computer to build a model.

Making a Model

The new dinosaur was strange. It had a long neck. It had short back legs. Its back feet were flat and wide. To Ibrahim, they looked like paddles. The skull had a long snout. Its nostrils were high on its nose. The sail on its back was long and high.

This Spinosaurus foot bone was found at the dig site.

The dinosaur's head was long and thin.

Ibrahim's conclusion was that this was a water dinosaur. He thought its long tail helped it swim. Its webbed feet helped it paddle. High nostrils helped it, too. It could keep most of its head under the water while it hunted.

The dinosaur's wide back feet may have been webbed. That would have helped it swim.