A forest is more than just its trees. It has wildlife, clean air, and clean water. It is powered by sunlight, rainfall, temperature, and soil fertility. Sometimes, natural forces like weather and insects disturb it. Human activities such as logging can also disturb a wooded place. Keeping our forests healthy is a big job! Each of these people has a career in forestry. They help to sustain our forests.

Ken Price

Forest Technician

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

I work with foresters to maintain forestland.

A forest is a renewable resource. What grows there can grow again. My main job is to build partnerships between my company and First Nations. These are the indigenous peoples in Canada. They are the original owners and caretakers of the land. As partners, we buy lumber, manage forests, and create programs for the community.

Coeli Hoover

Carbon Modeler

Durham, New Hampshire

I work with forest owners to measure the carbon being stored in a forest.

Forests play a big role in the carbon cycle. Trees and plants take in the gas, carbon dioxide. They release the oxygen and store the carbon. The carbon becomes part of plants. It is stored as wood.

Increasing carbon storage can reduce the effects of climate change. This can make a positive difference in the world.

In my job, I measure trees. I use the measurements to estimate how much carbon is stored in a forest.

Magen Dufurrena exits a helicopter to fight a fire.

Magen Dufurrena

Wildland Firefighter

La Grande, Oregon

My job is to help protect and maintain the health of the forest by preventing and putting out wildfires.

I use a rope to jump out of helicopters to fight forest fires. I need to be ready right away. When smoke is reported, my team gets facts about the fire.

We learn its location and what the weather is. This affects how we fight the fire. We make our plans to put out the fire. Traveling by helicopter helps us to get to a fire quickly. We also make sure to stay safe.