Since 2011, fishers in the village of Oslob have taken tourists to see whale sharks. These visitors say it's exciting. The fishers say it is a good business. They say they make more money. They can take better care of their families. Yet, some people worry. They think that feeding whale sharks might be bad for them. It may change their normal behavior. Who is right? There are two sides to this story.

This is a view of the Sumilon Island beach landing near Oslob.

A guide feeds a whale shark.

For Whale Shark Tourism

Improving Lives

Local people used to earn about $1.40 a day by fishing. It wasn’t very much money. It was hard for them to buy enough food to feed their families. Or, send their children to school. Then a tourist paid a fisher to take him to see a whale shark up close. That changed everything.

The fishers joined together. They made a company to bring visitors to see whale sharks. Now, the fishers have more money. They are able to feed their families. They can send their children to school.

Signs point the way to whale shark watching.

Tourists swim with a whale shark.