The Ocean’s Superfood

3D ocean farms can grow lots of foods. But, the star of the show is seaweed. It’s a superfood! Seaweed is good for you. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals.

Seaweed is also a zero-input food. That means it doesn’t need any extra food or water to grow. The ocean water and sunlight meet all its needs.

Kelp rolls are just one of many dishes that are made with kelp.

Smith harvests seaweed from his ocean farm.

Seaweed also helps the environment. It soaks up carbon dioxide (CO2) gas as it grows. That makes the ocean less acidic. That keeps wildlife healthy.

Ocean farms are a good business, too. Orders for seaweed are on the rise. More people are eating it. That means more farmers will grow it.

Bren Smith believes in ocean farming. It's good for food. Good for business. Good for the planet. No wonder seaweed is the ocean’s supercrop!

Bren Smith helps prepare kelp for eating. 

a bowl of seaweed ready for eating