Last year, we marked 50 years since humans first walked on the moon. That was a long time ago. Yet, we’re still exploring space today. What’s out there? Take a look!

As the moon goes around Earth, the same side always faces Earth. This near side is the part we have always visited. In 2019, China landed a spacecraft on the far side. It landed in a huge crater. Around the crater were rocks. China will study them.

A view of Earth from the surface of the moon

Most landings have taken place on the near side of the moon. One unmanned Chinese spacecraft landed on the far side.

moon landings

Measuring 'Marsquakes'

The moon is large, but it’s not a planet. Planets are large and round. They also orbit, or go around, the sun. Earth is a planet. So is Mars.

People may travel there someday. One spacecraft is testing Mars for quakes like earthquakes.

This drawing shows a spacecraft on Mars.

Amazing Asteroids

Beyond Mars are lots of small, lumpy objects. They go around the sun. These are asteroids. Long ago, objects like these came together. They built rocky planets like Earth and Mars.

Some asteroids come close to Earth. A United States (U.S.) spacecraft is studying an asteroid called Bennu. Later, it will bring back samples to Earth.

This image shows the Bennu asteroid. It is bigger than the Eiffel Tower.